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Dog Agility

      What is "Dog Agility"? Dog agility is a competitive sport that tests a person's skills in training and handling of dogs over a timed obstacle course. Competitors race against the clock as they direct their dogs to jump hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles in an obstacle course configuration designed to challenge a handler's competitive and training skills. With scoring based on faults similar to equestrian show jumping, dog agility has become an exciting spectator event. [Credit -]

      Usually before a dog handler and their dog can do the sport of agility, there are a minimum number of obedience classes that are required before taking this higher level training. Beginner agility is an entry level class which introduces both owner/handler and their dogs to the sport of agility, its rules and to each obstacle of the agility equipment. The rules of agility are also explained and practiced in each class. Agility classes requires extensive work off lead so that the owner/handler possesses and maintain the skills necessary to have complete control of your dog at all times on and off the course.

      Our Delta Standard Poodles are very active in dog agility training and competition. Delta Standard Poodles exclusively train at C.C.C.C. - The Cincinnati Canine Training Centers, in Loveland, Ohio. Please consider this training facility if you are interested in doing agility and you live in or near the Cincinnati Tri-State area of Ohio.


Delta Standard Poodle Agility Pictures

The ring jump! The jump obstacle!

'Journey' A new 'MACH'

A.K.C. - Agility National Championships.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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